Biblical Role of Government - Part 3

What About Separation of Church and State? Charity? Education?

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Separation of Church and State

This answer might surprise you... there is supposed to be a separation of church and state. However, it is not what we commonly think of as separation of church and state. What is claimed today is that God may not have any part in government. God (and the Bible) must be totally excluded from all government activities. However, that is the opposite of what needs to happen. A Biblical government turns to the church for counsel and advice about evil. If government is to effectively fight evil (execute justice), it has to know what is evil. It is the church's role to use God's Word to counsel government about evil.

In What Way Should the Church and State be Separated?

The church is to be separate from the state in that it is not to be dependent on the state for funding. The state should not have the power to reward or restrict the church by controlling its resources.

The church is to be separate from the state in that the same people are not to be in leadership positions in both, nor should they have the authority to appoint leadership in the other's realm. For example, the state should not have the authority to appoint or approve church leadership. And the church does not have the authority to appoint or approve government leadership.

In other words, the government is not to be involved in promoting or limiting the church's activities that are within the church's God-given roles. The church's ministry of mercy and salvation (including chartable activities) are not to be controlled by the government. However, the government's role of executing justice includes protecting people from, for example, charity fraud committed by a church.

Government "Charity"

Mercy and charity are not part of what government should be doing. The government's tool is the sword and it is a tool used to compel people. For example, you have no choice when it comes to paying taxes. You pay your taxes or there will be consequences. Taxes are enforced by the power of the "sword." However, charity is not charity when it is compelled. Mercy is not mercy when it is compelled.

Charity and mercy are in the realm of the church. Giving to the church is not mandatory, it is voluntary. There are no tools given in scripture that are used to compel people to give to the church. The church then uses the resources FREELY GIVEN to it, to help others. And the church uses the Word of God to teach people to have mercy on others... to give to others... to love others as God loved us.

Government Education

The family has the responsibility for educating children. This does not mean that everyone has to home school. Parents may come together and form local school co-ops. Or parents may send their children to a public school that is accountable to them locally.

Having responsibility for your children's education means that you determine what they are to be taught. You don't have to do the teaching, but God will hold you accountable for what your children are taught.

Accountability in public schools is often done through the authority of a local school board. However, although local school boards still exist, they must meet the requirements imposed by state and federal government. That means that education is not controlled locally, and the parents are not in control of what is being taught. The result is education that is not being done in a Biblical manner.

In many cases parents have not been interested in being a part of a local school board, and ideologues control the school board. The members of the school board often do not even have children in the school system. They are on the school board to push a their agenda into the schools. It's called indoctrination, and is very common in public schools today. It is your job, in particular the father's job, to ensure your children are receiving a Biblical education. You will be held accountable for what your children are taught.


Jesus is teacher

Jesus is acclaimed as a great teacher. And He was.

However, that is not who He was.

When Jesus went ashore, He saw a large crowd, and He felt compassion for them because they were like sheep without a shepherd; and He began to teach them many things. - Mark 6:34

Jesus felt compassion for them, so what did He do? He taught them. Sheep without a shepherd are lost. What did He teach them?

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; the one who comes to Me will not be hungry, and the one who believes in Me will never be thirsty. But I said to you that you have indeed seen Me, and yet you do not believe." - John 6:35-36

He taught that He is the source of life. Not just life here and now, but life eternal. Life that only Jesus can give.

How can you have life?

Turn to Jesus (God), and trust Him. Trust that He has taken care of your sin... everything you have done wrong. And put that trust in action by obeying Him.

Then read your Bible. It will tell you how to obey Jesus. Start with the Gospel of John in which the apostle presents proof after proof that Jesus is God.