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Myths, Contradictions, Errors, Wrong Prophecy and Poor Science In The Bible

Those opposing Jesus Christ often claim the Bible cannot be trusted. Why? Because it was written by man and is full of errors. Who claims this? Usually people who don't know any better. Bible scholars, including those who are not Christian, recognize the Bible as the most accurate ancient historical record we have. However, we wanted to investigate this claim. So we went to the American Humanist's web site where they have a huge list of accusations against the Bible, supposedly proving the Bible cannot be trusted. The result was a two volume book called "Answers to 180 Humanist Accusations Against the Bible" (available on Amazon). We also put the answers on our Science Pastor web site... all of them freely available.

The following is a topic list of the accusations, with links to the answers. These links will take you to the Science Pastor web site.

Answers to Bible "contradictions" and questions raised by humanists:

Introduction - Why Do Humanists Reject The Bible?

The following topical listing is in the order of the accusations on the humanist's web site.

As you are reading through the above answers you may be starting to see that the claim these are "contradictions" is ridiculous. If the humanist who made the list had done just a little research, they'd have had the answers. But, I've found that most humanists are not interested in answers. All they want to do is to attack God and the Bible. It does not matter whether or not their attack actually has any truth to it.

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Andrew White


The atheists are claiming that God is cruel and sadistic. That is a common claim. Is this true? Based on whose standard?